The Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation serves to:

  • Enhance the educational opportunities for our students in any and all grade levels
  • Increase public involvement through financial and personal support of worthy projects
  • Create initiatives that support imaginative educators’ and students’ programs that contribute to the educational process
  • Encourage alumni and community financial support through pledges, planned gifts, donations and any other means of contribution
  • Funding will be directed toward programs that may have significant impact on the scholastic experience. As an example: Improvement to the general physical plant should fall within the purview of the general public taxing bodies, and is not the intent of this independent funding. Enhanced financial support of student-interactive equipment, such as computers, is the intent of this independent funding

While athletic programs undeniably contribute value to our stated goal of student development, this independent funding will be used to enhance and advance student development through academic/scholastic programs.

Who We Are

The Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation exists to support the growing needs of students throughout the Wyoming Valley West School District. With the goal and priority to offer enhanced and enriched educational opportunities for all students, the Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation hopes to prepare students for the next steps as they follow their educational goals. Through collaborative partnerships and innovative ideas and programming, the foundation will work as a team to develop, expand and enhance the educational benefits of students as well as their educational experience within the Wyoming Valley West School District

Strategic Goals & Objectives

It is the objective of the Foundation to increase community involvement and financial support of the educational process in the Wyoming Valley West School District. The foundation will help provide the tools that can help encourage effective instruction as well as to strengthen student motivation. It is the goal of the foundation to promote overall academic achievement. For this reason, the Foundation plans to provide funding to create unique educational activities, support dedicated and creative teachers and develop overall excellence in the education process for the Wyoming Valley West School District.

It is our objective and goal to raise the necessary funds to accomplish these efforts by raising monies through both private and corporate parties. The funds that we raise and the resources that we develop are beyond the funding capabilities of the school board and will offer donors a tax-advantaged way to donate through a charitable 501(c)3 organization.

Legal Form of Ownership

The Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation is incorporated as a non-profit 501c(3) operating foundation under Pennsylvania and federal law.