The Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation seeks to fund projects through two main functions:

Core Strategic Project

The Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation, in coordination with the school district, is identifying an over-arching project with an academic focus to build meaningful opportunities for students of all levels. The Core Strategic Project will not be a short-term goal. Rather, the project will be implemented in phases over a ten year time period. The majority of our funding will support and sustain this project.

Grant Applications

The Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation accepts teacher and student requested projects that the foundation may selectively fund. The size of the projects can range from crayons to renovating a technology center. These projects provide faculty and students the opportunity to design and implement creative learning experiences that best suit teaching styles and student needs.


In addition:

Ad-hoc Projects – Facilitated Funding

The Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation provides the opportunity for tax-advantaged directed funding to assist sponsors with projects of personal interest.

The following graphic depicts the various grants and projects that the foundation plans to provide:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.16.43 AM