In addition to raising solicited donations, the Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation plans to conduct a number of activities to increase strategic public relations and outreach.

Alumni & Donor Relations Programs
The number one factor influencing major gifts is the degree to which an individual has been meaningfully involved in the mission of an organization. Alumni Relations Programs build on this principal to attract people and dollars. Too often, once capital campaign pledges are secured, schools leave relations with donors to chance. There is rarely, if ever, a planned system of communication and involvement to keep the 200+ best donors (who represent 90% of all gift revenue) informed and involved–and ready for the next campaign.

Strategic Public Relations
About half the Catholic high schools in America have a public relations officer on staff. But even among these schools, it is extremely rare to see a communication plan built on the strategic interests of the school. As the Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation, our goal of Strategic Public Relations is to improve perceptions in order to grow the number of supporters.

Volunteer Programs & Opportunities to Get Involved
The foundation will provide programs and opportunities for alumni, students, parents and volunteers to get involved in foundation related activities. The satisfaction and pride that come from the gift of your time can help the district in increasing educational opportunities for all students. When an individual commits time and effort to the foundation, the feeling of fulfillment they get can be endless. Volunteer programs and opportunities to get involved could include but are not limited to:

  • WVW Class Reunions to raise awareness and funding
  • WVW Sponsored plays, events, open houses, games, etc.
  • WVW Graduation Related Activities