According to statistics, the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in world history will occur within the next decade. Many schools have talked about endowments, but made the mistake of trying to grow them with cash gifts. Most have successfully completed capital building campaigns in the 90’s, but because they sought cash, built only modest endowments. Planned gifts represent the opportunity of a lifetime for school districts, and the single most promising new area in development consulting.

In addition to planned gifts, Annual Fund Development will serve to grow revenue in support of the foundation’s efforts and provide the working operating capital to carry out grants and programs. A pillar to fundraising, the foundation plans to incorporate a number of annual fund development activities including but not limited to: direct mail, alumni outreach programs, internet campaigns, phonathons, legacy gifting, securities gifting and more. Market Research of Alumni and Parents will help to better understand why alumni parents choose to give or not to give, helping the foundation to tailor our marketing to effectively reach and appeal to a broad range of donors. .