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"Giving Dreams an Opportunity to Succeed", and "Enriching Lives Through Education".

About US

The Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation (WVWEF) is a not-for-profit organization offering scholarships, funding for student activities and financial aid for low-income students attending schools within Wyoming Valley West School District. WVWEF, established in 1988, strives to bridge educational gaps for district students. Their programs include college scholarships and grants; student programs including music and drama instruction; as well as community events like fundraising dinners, concerts and auctions. WVWEF strives to create an equitable learning environment so all of its students have equal access to an education. From funding needs to program management, administrative support to student development, Workday makes it possible for all members of WVWEF to work together to ensure an equitable learning environment for each of its students. The foundation provides tuition and book grants for student enrichment programs, hosts auctions to raise funds for school projects, and offers college readiness resources that assist with college application processes. WVWEF has provided Wyoming Valley West students with scholarship funds and educational opportunities over time.

Our Attributes

Vision &Mission

Wyoming Valley West's aim is to become the go-to provider for educational excellence within its service area. Mission Statement: Wyoming Valley West's mission is to foster an educational environment which maximizes students' potential learning. In doing this, they provide resources and assistance through our fundraising initiatives for staff and teachers at Wyoming Valley West. With our commitment and dedicated services, our aim is to increase student interest, engagement and enthusiasm in education.

How we Intent?

Our History

Established by 10 concerned parents and community members in 2003, Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation (WVW EdFoundation) serves to foster future generations with successful and educated individuals. This foundation was formed with the purpose of supporting Wyoming Valley West School District located in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Initially called Wyoming Valley West Food & Nutrition Services Foundation. The Wyoming Valley West School Foundation was created with one goal in mind - supplement and expand educational opportunities available to both students and staff within Wyoming Valley West School District. Food & Nutrition Services was one of the first departments supported by the foundation, using its proceeds for field trips, foreign language instruction programs, special technology projects, student activities and student field trips. In 2009, the Wyoming Valley West Education Foundation changed their name and mission. Their new focus included providing financial aid for educational excellence within Wyoming Valley West School District. This new mission included raising and managing funds in an efficient yet financially responsible way, in support of the district. WVW EdFoundation funding primarily supports activities or events which exceed what can be provided from within a school district's general budget, such as special programs, extracurricular activities, scholarships, classroom technology upgrades, student awards or faculty development initiatives.


ur board of directors oversee the activities of the foundation while shaping its policy decisions that drive it. The board also oversees fundraising, financial planning and grant-generating initiatives as well as any related activities. The Wyoming Valley West Educational Foundation Board meets regularly in open session to review its mission and strategize on how best to support Wyoming Valley West School District. Furthermore, committees exist within this foundation which assist in its daily operations and management. Financial, Investment, Faculty Liaison Committee Grant Committee and Stewardship committees exist. The Finance Committee is responsible for creating and overseeing financial policies of the foundation, proposing budget plans to cover operational needs of its operations and providing oversight services. The Faculty Liaison Committee works collaboratively with district faculty and staff to identify areas in which foundation funding may provide additional assistance. The Grants Committee is responsible for creating and administering grant programs, reviewing applications, making recommendations to the Board, reporting grants awarded, as well as keeping track of contributions made to the foundation, follow up activities related to granted awards, as well as creating an appropriate donor recognition program.

Programs Conducted

he foundation provides funding for activities including technology upgrades, student scholarships, staff development training courses, enrichment opportunities for students as well as classroom supplies for classroom use or special school-wide initiatives. The fund supports numerous student clubs and activities like robotics, literary magazines, tutoring services and music and drama clubs as well as providing funds for equipment purchases, field trips and special activities such as career days. Additionally, the foundation offers grants and awards to teachers for classroom enrichment and educator development, students, support staff members and any groups or organizations within their school districts. Funding is also available for special projects and initiatives that enhance academic excellence within the district, and is part of ongoing fundraising events hosted by the foundation throughout the year. The foundation welcomes volunteers at any level - be it helping organize an event, joining its board of directors or offering mentorship and guidance for students or faculty members. Donations ranging from in-kind gifts, financial contributions or any form of support are always accepted! With your help, the foundation continues to make an impactful difference in students, educators and the local community.